Dec. 17, 2011

Following is a poem written by one of my undergraduate professors, Dr. Dave Dickson. For many Christmases, Dr. Dave wrote a Christmas poem, incorporating something relating to the dairy industry, the dairy cow or being a dairy farmer. This poem relates in a different way his thoughts about the Christmas season:


There’s no time like Christmas

And nothing like friends

To brighten our lives

As another year ends;


A year marked so well

By Man’s steps on the moon

But marred by man’s anger,

And over too soon.


Through the Holiday Season

As friends come and go,

Let warmth, love and kindness

Set your heart aglow.


And as you reflect

On that Christmas Day birth

Pray, “Love among Mankind

And Peace on our Earth.”

A week from today is Christmas Day. This week can be filled with lots of things. In the spirit of Advent, slow down this week. Close your eyes. Stare at your Christmas tree. Concentrate how God came into this world so create opportunities for peace within our earth. Remember how we can find favor with God. Remember that God considers us as worthy as a simple teenaged woman who accepted the responsibility, trusted and believed that she could carry the Savior of the world. As the first Christian missionary, she discovered how important it was for her to share Jesus with the rest of the world. May we be willing to take risks this week and share Christ with the rest of the world in some simple, small way. May peace be underneath our Christmas celebrations.

Let us pray: Dear God: As we approach Christmas, may we be encouraged to not get caught up in business. Let’s keep the true spirit of the season a part of our daily activities. Amen.  

Blessings –




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